Cinemizer 1909-127 OLED Multimedia Video Glasses

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  • Lightweight comfortable design
  • Folding arms for easy storage
  • HDMI, Apple, AV-3.5mm 4 pin input capability
  • Rechargeable Lithium Ion battery

The highest quality video glasses on the market!

The cinemizer OLED promises no compromise on performance, a pledge that begins with a pixel density of 2,500 ppi, nearly seven times that of Apple’s retina display. The glasses feature two integrated OLED micro-displays, one for each eye, that provide a fill rate of 99 percent and a 4 sub-pixel-per-pixel structure. Because they use two displays, these glasses furnish amazing 3D picture quality, with no drawbacks like flimmering, motion blur, reduced luminance or ghosting to detract from the experience. The image combines high contrast, true black and vivid colors to ensure exceptional quality.

Features of the ZEISS Cinemizer OLED

  • Rechargeable battery provides power for up to six hours
  • Connects to smartphones with HDMI or analog A/V interface, gaming consoles, PCs etc.
  • Eyeglass wearers can configure from -5 to +2 diopters in each eye via the setting wheel
  • Displays crisp images with very vibrant colors and true blacks
  • Supports side-by-side, top-bottom or line-interleaved HDMI 1.4

HD 3D Cinema on the go!

For the first time ever, you can fold up your 40 inch HD TV, put it in your pocket and take it with you! Whether you just want to enjoy some privacy on your break at work, or you are boarding a long flight, having the option of premium quality entertainment that you don’t have to strain your eyes to see is a true pleasure. The cinemizer OLED multimedia video glasses by ZEISS are the most comfortable high-performance multimedia eyewear of their kind. Using high resolution microdisplays and premium ZEISS optics with built-in focus adjustments to produce superior image quality while ensuring optimum comfort and versatility, the cinemizer OLED makes watching movies, mobile TV or any video on the go a true pleasure for avid traveler or anyone who wants to take their entertainment along for the ride.

First Person View from your remote control device!

FPV (or First Person View) is one of the newest, fastest growing hobbies in the world. Thanks to access to low-cost remote control devices such as airplanes, helicopters (drones), cars, and boats, Hobbyists are able to get a first-person view as if they were sitting in the seat of their remote control device. Using a camera on the radio control device and connecting it to the Cinemizer as the viewfinder, one can get a real sensation of being the driver. The low power consumption of the OLED display and the integrated battery enable several hours of flying fun. The optional Eye Shield for the Cinemizer makes daytime flying very clear by blocking out ambient light from the daytime sun.

Immersive gaming without compromise!

The cinemizer OLED glasses, equipped with the headtracker, takes the gaming experience to an entirely new level. While viewing the game screen inside the glasses, players can simply move their head to change position instead of reaching for a console button, and the headtracker responds to the player’s movements in less than 5 milliseconds. 3D games come to life and old games feel like your playing them for the first time all over again!

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